a day in the life

As some of you know I used to have a blog, that was about 2 years ago. So much has changed since then! 2 more babies, selling 2 houses and buying a new one, a new school for Sophia and Leo will be starting pre-k this year!

I wanted to start a blog again, for myself and to maybe help someone else along the way! The posts will probably be way too long, incorrectly punctuated or written, basically far from perfect but that’s ok! This is me and want to stay true to myself and not let the worry of not being perfect keep me from doing things that I enjoy! So recently I have just been feeling the urge to create and share and to start something new, just for me! So here we are, a little start to my new blog that will be all things photography, mom style, DIY’s, mom life and health! I don’t want to feel like I am restricted to one thing because frankly, I love it all!

So why not start with my first post- a day in the life. A little glimpse of our daily life! Some of these pictures are blurry, dark, have pieces of crumbs every where, are far from perfect but this is our life and I always want to remember these little details. So I took one day and pulled out my camera first thing in the morning and took pictures all day, it was kind of freeing knowing that I can learn some new things on my camera, or try new things and there was no pressure to be perfect!

I also wanted to find a way to document our lives because these kids are just growing SO DANG FAST! My goal is to do a post of- A day in the life- once a month, so at the end of the year I can take all these pictures and make a journal book of our year. I find that we haven’t printed many pictures of our kids, we have taken a TON but like many of you know, they are all stuck in galleries on our phones, or folders on our computers that are so overwhelming to sort through to try and print them!

So for everyone else, I encourage you to take a day, take out your phone or camera, whatever you have! Take the pictures all day of the little things, the breakfasts, the way they sit on their knees to reach the table, the way they play, eat their snacks, hold hands with each other, hug each other, the way they look at you really cute and then stab you in the eye, the way their little butt cracks show from their diaper (sorry I couldn’t help it) all these things that we will talk about years later when we are older and are missing this crazy tiring stage of our lives! Then the next day go through them and keep all the ones you love, upload them to your computer, edit them on your phone/computer and make a specific folder for them! It takes a little bit of time but I promise you it will be so worth it! And I’m sure it is a lot less time then trying to go through thousands of pictures years later! I hope you in enjoy this little piece of our day and of course it may be long because if you know me, I cant seem to keep anything short but I also blame the fact that we have 5 million kids.

So welcome to my new blog! I hope you follow me on this new journey and thank you so much for stopping by!











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